Electrical Panel Lockout

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                                  OSHA Compliant Lockout Tagout Devices


The Panel Lockout attaches to the panel cover screws, keeping the panel door locked. Two screws are encapsulated by the device preventing the panel cover from being removed. The circuit breakers remain locked off while work is being done. The Panel Lockout comes with a brass padlock and reusable tagout. Order direct from our USA factory and save!

No screws on your panel? Please check out our new plastic Clips for panels without screws in our web store. Please also visit out Lockout Tagout FAQ's page for Clip installation instructions.

The Panel Lockout can also be used to prevent accidental shutdowns of critical equipment by keeping unauthorized persons from accessing electrical circuit breaker panels, security panels, data center panels and associated pull boxes.

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The Panel Lockout is only 13 inches long when retracted, weighs only a few ounces, and fits in a tool bag. It can be used on panels 14 inches to 20 inches wide. With available extensions it can protect panels up to 37 inches wide. It is constructed of sturdy, non-conductive plastic and installs in seconds. The price for the Panel Lockout is only $39.99, which includes a polished brass padlock with 3 keys, and a reusable tag out. Quantity discounts are available.

The Electrical Panel Lockout is more secure and versatile than those little red circuit breaker lockouts. It can lock out several breakers with one lock. The panel door is locked closed with the Panel Lockout, but the panel door remains ajar with a red circuit breaker lockout. The Panel Lockout is universal for most panels; circuit breaker lockouts require a different lockout for each type of breaker.

The Panel Lockout was developed by a Local # 3, IBEW electrician with 35 years of field experience.

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The Panel Lockout is a lockout tagout device. Lockout tagout devices are required by OSHA and supported by the IBEW and NECA. Please us a lockout tagout procedure to save lives and protect critical equipment. Electrical Panel Lockouts and Circuit breaker lockout tagout is a requirement of OSHA.